Telecommunication Consultant For Your Small Business

A static performance is not a good sign for your business. If your business is consistently performing well you would want to double check if you are doing enough to take it to the next level. At some point in time, every business reaches a level where they have tried and tested every technique that brings them profit. Telecommunication sector is one such sector where companies are constantly innovating and changing the way they operate and do business but at some stage, they are unable to make the profit. This is when you need a telecommunication consultant that can guide you in a new direction.

Understanding the Market
With the advent of new technologies, the telecom industry is changing rapidly and this means that there are new players entering the business. These new players bring in the disruptive technology that impacts the business trends in the future. It is therefore, important that you know the key trends of the market to help you make the right choices. Telecom consulting companies in India have a thorough understanding of the market and therefore they guide you in the right direction and help you protect your business from any unwarranted situations.

Overcoming Challenges
In a dynamic market, it is hard to overcome challenges because the market is always changing. Hence, before you solve the current challenge you get another set of challenges which can impact your business. It is therefore, important that you have an experienced telecommunication consulting firm by your side that helps you to get out of the mess the market creates. The consulting firm usually has a team of professionals that have worked in the telecommunication sector for years. They have the knowledge and understanding needed to solve and manage a telecommunication company. They also provide you with information on how to position your brand and company in a particular way and attract your target audience. On the other hand, they also focus on how you can optimize your resources. This is really important because you want to cut down all the excess procedures to minimize the company cost.

Get Outside Perspective
While you might be the best in your business, getting an outside perspective can help. Hiring a telecom advisory services company will help you to transform your company and mould it as per the market demands and trends. With the right consulting firm you can do better strategy planning and implementation, focus on partnering and venturing, improve the quality of operations and focus on customer satisfaction which will definitely boost your business and help you to position your business in a better way.

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A Hospital Furniture and Manufacturer

‘Make in India,’ the new buzz word for the Indian economy is a perfect fit for Mitsu as regards its manufacturing of hospital furniture parts. Mitsu has now made a mark for itself in the plastic moulded medical furniture space in India; being a pioneer and the only manufacturer in India, so far, of high-end and innovative products. Mitsu continues to extend customized delivery solutions and accessible post-sales service at a time when there is a growing need for quality medical furniture and a clamor for professional services.

The modules manufactured by the company provide a very convenient import substitute (saving valuable foreign exchange!), entirely contributing to the ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ campaign. Through this initiative, the company is determined to be a part of this program and aid the government in transforming India into a global manufacturing hub. Consequently, help in reducing the imports and encouraging the Manufacturing sector of India. Mitsu provides optimum innovative solutions with superior quality product matching the international standards with existing technologies in India.

Mitsu Hospital Furniture parts are of high quality and ergonomically designed. They are very well accepted by the Indian Healthcare industry, with a strong potential for exports. For instance, the Mitsu ABS panels are in a position of market leadership, with a domestic market share of over 60%.

In this business segment, Mitsu has a variety of products such as ABS Panels which comprises of Head Bow & Foot Bow, Side Railing, Bed Boards; in addition there is an in-house manufacturing of accessories for hospital beds such as Mounting Rods and Buffer Wheels. Mitsu also provide Over Bed Table Top (Food Table Board) which is available in common colours to gel with the hospital’s interiors. We have recently innovated a product- Bed Side Locker Parts. It is most commonly made in wooden and steel. But we have started manufacturing in Plastic. We are the only manufacturers in India to innovate the product. It was developed due to the demands of the customers and by value engineering we achieved the end product. Plastic Bed Side Locker Parts are cost-effective by 20%. This product won the Best Innovator Award 2017 by ET Polymer.

Products offer pleasing aesthetics and finish; they can be customized to suit designs, decor and colour schemes. Further, a well-engineered combination of material use not only makes the products sturdy but also extremely easy to assemble and dismantle.

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Small Business Plastic Moulding Products

Mitsu started its journey with the business segment of Molded Industrial Packaging in 1990. From the past 27 yrs, Mitsu has become an established brand for blow moulded packaging solution provider ranging from 100 ml to 235 ltrs comprising of bottles, jerry cans, drums – narrow mouth, wide mouth, open top etc. Infact Mitsu has the widest range of industrial packaging products in this industry.
With constant support from our long-lasting customers and vendors, Mitsu overcame various initial hurdles. Having a strong belief in quality consciousness, Mitsu always thrived to deliver good quality products and services in the entire cycle of sale.

Mitsu adheres to norms set by quality policy of ISO 9001:2008 and global standards such as 21 CFR as per USFDA standards and 5S implementation. Mitsu also provides UN certification for packing and transporting globally, dangerous goods as per IMDG, IATA & ICAO.

Mitsu has an injection molding facility in-house as a complementary to these products such as plastic clamp, caps & closures, lugs, bungs etc. Mitsu has pioneered the concept of plastic clamps for open top containers, replacing the traditional use of metal rings, setting an industry standard, especially for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry/ With a design patent (patent no. 195402), Mitsu plastic clamps ensures no corrosion, are lower in weight, extremely environment friendly and at the same time, more economical.Mitsu has an injection molding facility in-house as a complementary to these products such as plastic clamp, caps & closures, lugs, bungs etc. Mitsu has pioneered the concept of plastic clamps for open top containers, replacing the traditional use of metal rings, setting an industry standard, especially for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry/ With a design patent (patent no. 195402), Mitsu plastic clamps ensures no corrosion, are lower in weight, extremely environment friendly and at the same time, more economical.

Being a brand of choice for all critical applications, over 70% of the top pharmaceutical companies as well as a significant percentage of specialty chemical companies in India use Mitsu containers. With proven quality standards over the last 27 years, these products have made their mark in global markets as well.

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About DIY Alarm Systems

DIY Alarm systems are enjoying an increased presence in the home protection space. A recent article said “The home security business is being disrupted” because of the influence of new DIY systems. Why then are people taking home security into their own hands, when it’s traditionally been handled by big alarm companies using installation technicians?

Technological Advances
Many people think of alarm systems as a recent invention, but the truth is that they have been around in some form for over a century. In fact, American District Telegraph (the number one alarm company in North America, more commonly known as ADT) was founded in 1874! Early alarm systems were rudimentary, and evolved into complicated hardwired contraptions. Hardwired systems became the standard for home alarm systems, but the issue was that they were incredibly expensive, complicated and could require a lot of maintenance.

Complicated hardwired systems limited consumers, because they were at the mercy of alarm companies who would charge a large premium for the equipment and complicated installation. This also meant major geographical restrictions, as alarm systems could only be installed in larger cities that alarm technicians could travel to quickly. This led to the creation of easier to install wireless systems. Early wireless systems caused customers concern because wireless alarm technology was in its infancy. As wireless consumer products evolved, however, so did consumer confidence in their reliability. A 2014 Financial Post report showed that consumer confidence in wireless products grew so rapidly that 60% of Canadians under the age of 35 no longer have a landline home telephone, opting for wireless only service. With more reliable service in place, the technological revolution of home alarm systems exploded. This meant that anybody anywhere can have a home alarm system. This also meant that having an alarm technician come to your home was no longer mandatory.

The Best Upgrades
Wireless home alarm technology led the way to a lot of advancements in how alarm systems could be installed not only where geographic limitations existed, but also in areas of the home that previously weren’t possible. This means that equipment such as video doorbells, which would have at one point seemed like science fiction, were no easy to install and added more protection that ever possible with a hardwired system. Hardwired systems were also susceptible to tampering, as they often relied on a phone line outside of the home which could be cut without ever going inside. Newer alarm systems could escape the tethering of phone lines and run through more reliable GSM networks. The most important influence on DIY home alarm systems, however, comes from the ubiquitous nature of smartphones.

Smartphones, Remote Access and Automation
Statistics show that in 2014, 66% of Canadians owned smartphones, with that number on the steady increase. The increase in smartphone usage has led to unprecedented integration of the devices with alarm systems. Alarm systems could now be installed and tested with the assistance of a mobile app, and a person’s system could be armed and disarmed from virtually anywhere in the world. Most DIY systems also give the option of being fully monitored, which means they provide the same level of protection as traditional alarm systems, but with far more advanced features. With the rise in home automation capabilities, customers can also have devices such as smart thermostats which can potentially save hundreds of dollars in home energy costs.

No Waiting, Increased Savings
Since traditional alarm systems all required a technician to come to your home, it often meant having to take time off work and hoping that the installer would in fact show up. On average, a customer will save a few hundred dollars on a DIY installation, and can self install a full system in about an hour. With the technological advantages, potential savings and increased flexibility of not having to wait for a technician, DIY systems are going to continue to gain traction in the market. The entire home alarm system will either adapt, or feel the effects of the disruption.

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