A Hospital Furniture and Manufacturer

‘Make in India,’ the new buzz word for the Indian economy is a perfect fit for Mitsu as regards its manufacturing of hospital furniture parts. Mitsu has now made a mark for itself in the plastic moulded medical furniture space in India; being a pioneer and the only manufacturer in India, so far, of high-end and innovative products. Mitsu continues to extend customized delivery solutions and accessible post-sales service at a time when there is a growing need for quality medical furniture and a clamor for professional services.

The modules manufactured by the company provide a very convenient import substitute (saving valuable foreign exchange!), entirely contributing to the ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ campaign. Through this initiative, the company is determined to be a part of this program and aid the government in transforming India into a global manufacturing hub. Consequently, help in reducing the imports and encouraging the Manufacturing sector of India. Mitsu provides optimum innovative solutions with superior quality product matching the international standards with existing technologies in India.

Mitsu Hospital Furniture parts are of high quality and ergonomically designed. They are very well accepted by the Indian Healthcare industry, with a strong potential for exports. For instance, the Mitsu ABS panels are in a position of market leadership, with a domestic market share of over 60%.

In this business segment, Mitsu has a variety of products such as ABS Panels which comprises of Head Bow & Foot Bow, Side Railing, Bed Boards; in addition there is an in-house manufacturing of accessories for hospital beds such as Mounting Rods and Buffer Wheels. Mitsu also provide Over Bed Table Top (Food Table Board) which is available in common colours to gel with the hospital’s interiors. We have recently innovated a product- Bed Side Locker Parts. It is most commonly made in wooden and steel. But we have started manufacturing in Plastic. We are the only manufacturers in India to innovate the product. It was developed due to the demands of the customers and by value engineering we achieved the end product. Plastic Bed Side Locker Parts are cost-effective by 20%. This product won the Best Innovator Award 2017 by ET Polymer.

Products offer pleasing aesthetics and finish; they can be customized to suit designs, decor and colour schemes. Further, a well-engineered combination of material use not only makes the products sturdy but also extremely easy to assemble and dismantle.

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