Variety Of Bolts Used In Some Different Industries

The bolts are the most important types of the fasteners that can be found anywhere from a bench to the plane. The only difference is the variety of the bolt used for the given applications. These can be classified into different types, as various industries demand the variety of bolts to be used in the application area. They are also made in the number of materials and dimensions based on the industrial requirements. Made with the high tensile strength materials, they are used for the heavy duty applications without getting affected with the environmental ailments. It is recommended to choose such important material from the reputed fastener manufacturers only. They are most commonly used for one purpose that is to join the two separable pieces of material.

Most Common Types Of Bolts Used In Different Application Areas:-

    • J Bolt – The J-shaped bolts is used widely in the number of the applications like hardware industry and building suppliers. They are specially made with the different custom size from the specialized manufacturers for some special application. Made with the wide variety of the metals, they are subjected to various treatments depending on the application of the industry. The product is threaded along the flat arm of the J where the diameter of the bolt can be varied at different angles and sizes.
    • Machine Bolt – The cylindrical shaped fastener is used to clamp two pieces of metal together and it consists of threaded shaft with the square or hexagonal-shaped head to one of the end. They are usually manufactured with the medium carbon steel, silicon bronze or stainless steel which helps to provide protection against the corrosion. Such bolts are meant to use in the exposed areas. They are manufactured by the cold forming process to provide fine shape and strong structure for the heavy duty application. Based on the tensile strength and material composition, they can be classified into several grades.
  • Eye Bolt – As the name of the product depicts, it is usually fully threaded and have a collar, which makes it suitable for the use with the angular load of 45ยบ. However, they are also available in the range that does not have shoulder at its head but such type is not suitable for the angular load applications. They are subjected to use for the light duty, as they are not able to bear the heavy loads. Such bolts are also known as the screw thread eye bolt, eye screws or bent eye legs.

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